Pavla U 72-117: Harrier/Sea Harrier 30mm gun pod




Scott Van Aken


 For Airfix/Italeri Harrier and Sea Harrier

To go along with Pavla's full cockpit set reviewed a couple of days ago, we now have a pair of replacement gun pods. This set is good for both the Italeri and Airfix versions of the Harrier and the Sea Harrier as both used the same guns. I dare say this may also be applicable to the US AV-8A/B versions if they used the same gun pod. Check your references in that regard. No instructions are included, but none are needed.

As with all Pavla items, this one is very well done and easy to use.

April 2010

Review copy courtesy of the fine folks atPavla ModelsPavlamodels - logo. Visit them at theirwebsite.

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