Pavla U 72-110 Lynx  BERP rotor blades




Scott Van Aken


Resin for the Hobbyboss kit.

The Lynx in its newer forms has the BERP rotor blades. Here is a bit of background on these courtesy of Wikipedia.

The BERP rotor blade design was developed under the British Experimental Rotor Programme. The initial BERP rotor blades were developed in the late 1970s to mid 1980s as a joint venture programme between Westland Helicopters and the Royal Aircraft Establishment. The goal was to increase the helicopters lifting-capability and maximum speed using new designs and materials.

The initial version was BERP I, which was used on the Westland Lynx 800 helicopter. In 1986, a specially modified Lynx 800, registered G-LYNX and piloted by John Egginton set an absolute speed record for helicopters over a 15 and 25 km course by reaching 400.87 km/h (249.09 mph).

The Pavla set are superbly molded and are direct replacements for the kit blades. It is a simple job to remove them from the small mold stubs, clean them, paint them and install them.

September 2009

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