Pavla U 72-80: S-3A Viking BombBay/Wheel well set




Scott Van Aken


Resin. For the 1/72 Hasegawa/Revell kits

I've spent many years around Vikings, but only a handful of times was I in the bomb bay. This is not a place where one can stand, like in my old Skywarriors, as it is designed to carry few weapons, like torpedoes or depth bombs of various types.

Pavla has provided a very nicely done bay/wheel well replacement for the Hasegawa kit. The one-piece bay/well is superbly molded and does look exactly like the one on the S-3 with all the shallow ribbing. This detail continues to the bay doors as well. The inner doors are already molded in place. Other bits include the racks and hinges. When these doors were open, there was almost no room between the outer doors and the engine pods, so for that reason, they were not opened as much as on other types with these features.

Another finely molded set from Pavla that includes some fine instructions that are very easy to read. I am so glad to see a nice set for this kit and hope that Pavla continues to do sets in this scale for other aircraft that need them, like most of Hasegawa's century series planes.

May 2007

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