Pavla U 48-15: B-25B Mitchell Nose




Scott Van Aken


resin. For Italeri/Accurate Miniatures kit

This set is designed as a replacement for the Accurate Miniatures 1/48 B-25B nose section. This kit has also been issued by Italeri. Before continuing, I should mention that the instruction sheet lists it as for the B-25B/C. If that is the case, it should fit the D model as well. I'm not really sure how much change in the nose equipment there was from the B-25B to the standard glass nosed B-25C/D versions. Of course, the gunships were greatly modified in this area, but this is a standard nose.

Anyway, the set is molded to Pavla's usual high standard and includes a fully detailed nose section that includes a new bomb sight, gun barrel and ammo cannisters. There is also a new pair of pilot/copilot seats (with molded on belts), a third small seat (bombardier?) and two new entrance hatches. The usual painting and installation instructions are provided, though only the placement of the bomb sight, nose gun and ammo cans is shown.

Overall, this is a super set that requires no additional cutting and should enhance the nose section of your next Accurate Miniatures B-25 bomber.

February 2007

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