Pavla U 48-47 Mirage 2000-5 Radome




Scott Van Aken


For the Kinetic 1/48 kit

This next Pavla bit is an upgraded nose for the Kinetic 1/48 Mirage 2000-5. Apparently the kit nose is a simple cone shape, which often happens with injected kit bits. This part is a direct replacement for the kit part. The pour stub is small enough that this should simply attach to the front of the kit. The radome also includes what are either reinforcement strips or static discharge strips. When I worked on DC-9s, these strips were used to remove static electricity from the radome. The added weight of the resin nose may well be useful, too.

April 2014

Review copy courtesy of the fine folks at Pavla ModelsPavlamodels - logo. Visit them at their website.

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