Pavla S 72073: MB Mk 4DSA Ejection Seat (navigator)




Scott Van Aken


For the Cyber Hobby kit

Thanks to Pavla, we have a nice new navigator's seat for the new CyberHobby 1/72 Sea Vixen FAW.1. This seat is nicely molded and includes belt detail.  While this seat is obviously done for the CyberHobby kit, I see no reason why it could not be adapted for the Xtrakit or even the old Frog version. For those thinking that this looks like the earlier pilot's seat, well, they are darn close. the only difference I could see is in the side of the seat where the pilot's seat has three grooves in the frame and this one only has two.

February 2012

Review copy courtesy of the fine folks atPavla ModelsPavlamodels - logo. Visit them at theirwebsite.

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