Pavla S 48028: F9F Panther ejection seat




Scott Van Aken


Resin. For Trumpeter/Hobbycraft kit

This particular seat is for the F9F Panther. As it doesn't specify any particular kit, I'd have to assume it will fit the Trumpeter/Hobbycraft, Monogram or even the ancient Hawk kit. It could even fit the old Revell Cougar kit, though I don't think it or the Hawk kit actually had an interior to speak of.

Thanks to modern casting technology, there is no need to add separate bits to this seat to give a proper dimensional feel to things as only a teeny bit of clean-up will get you a ready to go seat. Belts have been molded on but if you want to use aftermarket belts, they'd be easy enough to remove.

A superb seat that is a lot nicer than the kit offering.

May 2007

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