Pavla C72079: O-1E Cockpit Set




Scott Van Aken


 Resin and Vacuformed plastic for the Airfix kit .

Another old favorite kit that Pavla has developed upgrade parts for, is the venerable Airfix O-1E Bird dog. A nice, but basic kit that needs help. This is a cockpit set for this kit and pretty much contains a full replacement interior for it. You get a new floor, right and left side bulkheads, seats, control sticks and instrument panel. The right side door is supposed to be removed and replaced with the kit part so it can be posed open. It has a separate window frame for the upper door, but as sometimes happens when fragile parts are allowed to rattle around, the framework on my set has broken. The set contains a replacement windscreen section and aft canopy. The rest of the bits are to be replaced with sheet acetate and there is some requirement to cut wire for the rear window supports, but nothing very difficult.

The detailing is quite good with the seats having harnesses molded in place. The well drawn construction sheet will assist in getting things in the proper place. This is not a set for the beginner due to the work needed to get the parts to fit inside the fuselage. But for those who have done a few, this will really make this old kit shine.

February 2009

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