Pavla C 72075: SU-15 'Flagon A' cockpit set


Pavla C 72075: SU-15 'Flagon A' cockpit set




Scott Van Aken


Resin for the Trumpeter kit . Also includes two vacuformed canopies

Some kit companies produce kits that we all want, but once we get them, we find that they somehow missed. This can be said about the Trumpeter Su-15 'Flagon A' kit. Pavla has realized a need for some proper bits for this kit and so has started by providing us with a replacement cockpit. This also includes the upper fuselage decking. This is a VERY thin casting an as such needs to be carefully handled.

But I am getting ahead of myself somewhat. In with this set is a new cockpit tub, a pair of inner bulkhead sections, new instrument panel, control stick, gun sight and a new seat with molded on belt detail. Also are two types of vacuformed canopy, one with a raised bump for a mirror and one without. Those thinking that this is the same as the Su-15 TM set recently reviewed would only be partially correct as this one has a different upper cockpit piece and instrument panel.

A fine new set that is sure to improve the look of your Trumpeter Su-15 considerably.

August 2008

Review copy courtesy of the fine folks atPavla ModelsPavlamodels - logo. Visit them at theirwebsite.

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