Pavla C 72067: MiG-25 R conversion set


Pavla C 72067: MiG-25 R conversion set




Scott Van Aken


resin and vacuform. For the Condor 1/72 kit

You know, we need to be thankful that there is a company like Pavla that caters to the needs of the 1/72 scale builder. Most don't and this has left a door wide open for possible resin detail and conversion sets. Here is one example of the latter in that this is a conversion and cockpit set for the MiG-25R of different sub-variants.

The set includes a complete resin nose as well as a cockpit set, complete with tub, seat, stick, instrument panel, coaming, and side panel detail. The one piece resin nose may well be heavy enough to eliminate the need for nose weight, but for my money, I'd add some in there anyway. The set comes complete with detailed instructions and a guide on how to cut the nose of the kit. This one is designed for the Condor kit, one that I've not seen before, but as the only other real option is the ancient Hasegawa kit, I'll go on the assumption that this kit is better detailed and more accurate in outline. The builder will need to cut out circles from clear sheet for the camera windows. You'll also note that the control stick broke from the resin pour stub. If Pavla could improve anything, it would be to provide protection for these fragile pieces.

Stuff like this inspires me to hunt out the base kit and this one is no different. Of course, whether it actually gets built or not is another thing!

May 2008

Review copy courtesy of the fine folks atPavla ModelsPavlamodels - logo. Visit them at theirwebsite.

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