Pavla  C 72066 F-105D Cockpit Set


Pavla C 72066: F-105D Cockpit Set




Scott Van Aken


Resin  For Trumpeter or Revell Kit

Another F-105 goodie is the cockpit set from Pavla for the Trumpeter or Revell kit. While it may well be fitted into the Airfix, Monogram or Hasegawa F-105, it will probably require extra work and trimming of the kit or set to get a reasonable fit.

This set includes a superbly molded cockpit tub with nice detailing on the side consoles. It also includes an ejection seat with harness details molded in place. There is an anti-glare panel, proper control stick, and a nicely done instrument panel with raised detailing. There is not cutting required of the kit so it should be pretty much a drop fit.

The instructions show the proper shades to paint all the various pieces as well as how the set fits in place. A fine addition to Pavla's growing line of 1/72 detail and upgrade goodies.

May 2008

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