Pavla C 72056 S2F-1 Tracker Cockpit set




Scott Van Aken


resin. For the Hasegawa 1/72 S2F-1 Tracker

It is really great to see people doing sets for 1/72 aircraft and this one has been needed for such a long, long time. This is a cockpit and operator's station set for the venerable Hasegawa 1/72 S2F-1 Tracker. The set includes what is basically a full interior from the instrument panel to the back wall of the operator's station. The operator's station also includes a main entrance door and ladder as well as a removable upper crew escape hatch. The seats for the front and rear are also different, just like in the actual aircraft, with the rear seats being more open on the bottom. There is also an overhead console to fit into the upper canopy section in addition to the usual control columns and rudder pedals.

The instructions are still a bit light for these old eyes, but they show every place that the pieces go and what needs to be cut away in order to get the parts to fit in place. Generic color information is supplied (such as 'interior grey'), but it is helpful. If anyone can recall the actual color of the boarding ladder, I'd appreciate it as I thought it was light gull grey, but could have been another shade. The detailing on the resin is first rate with no production glitches and only small amounts of resin to actually saw away. Most can be removed using a sharp hobby knife.

I am very pleased to see these sets being produced and can hope that it will lead to more upgrade sets for old favorites in this scale.

April 2007

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