Pavla C 48021: Sea Vixen Cockpit Set




Scott Van Aken


For  Airfix 1/48 kit

Here is a super cockpit set from Pavla for the recent Airfix 1/48 Sea Vixen. I have to say that this one is a bit more complex than you might imagine as the Sea Vixen packed a lot of instrumentation into the cockpit.

Naturally, you get a full tub for the pilot and navigator, with a lot of superb detailing in the side walls of the tub. There are several additional instrument clusters to put into the available space. In addition there are separate levers and controls for the pilot,including a new set of rudder pedals. For the navigator he gets several new instrument clusters as well as a new upper hatch. There are two ejection seats provided as well as a new vacuformed canopy. The small splitter section in the very front (or is that a wiper blade) is also part of the set. The set comes with full instructions as you need to trim a bit away to install these pieces. A painting guide is also part of the set.

The parts are very nicely done and while a few of the bits broke away from the sprues, it isn't anything major. This is a set that if you are going to put the efforts into the Airfix kit, you really should consider adding to it.

May 2011

Review copy courtesy of the fine folks atPavla ModelsPavlamodels - logo. Visit them at theirwebsite.

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