Pavla C 48012: F9F-2 Panther Cockpit Set




Scott Van Aken


Resin. For the Trumpeter 1/48 kit

Pavla has done a nice set for the Trumpeter 1/48 F9F-2 Panther. The set is not complex at all and consists of a nicely detailed tub, ejection seat, instrument panel (with instrument blanks so you can put in your favorite instrument decals) and small bits like control stick, rudder pedals and tail hook actuating lever for the instrument panel.  As so often happens to resin sets when the pieces are allowed to rattle around in a plastic container, mine suffered some breakage of fine items. At least one of the little bits goes on the seat and one on the side console, but I've not figured out the third little piece as of yet. Despite that, this will be easy to repair once I figure where they all go. The set also includes a parts ID section and painting guide. This set is a no-brainer and replaces the kit parts on your next Trumpeter F9F-2.

April 2007

Review copy courtesy of the fine folks atPavla ModelsPavlamodels - logo. Visit them at theirwebsite.

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