Olimp ORA-03 MH-60R Strike Hawk




Scott Van Aken


Resin conversion sett

One of the latest incarnations of the H-60 series is the USN MH-60R Strike Hawk. It is very basically an upgraded SH-60B with a bunch of new sensors and other equipment.

This set allows the modeler to use the Italeri or Revell 1/48 SH-60B kit and upgrade it to the MH-60R. The set consists not only of the resin upgrade parts, but a small etched fret and decals for two subjects.

The resin is well molded in a blue resin and is what one might call old school resin with somewhat large pour stub attachment points in some instances. I did find a few air pockets that will need to be filled, but those who are used to working with resin will know how to handle these things.

As you can see, there are a lot of bits and pieces to be added to the airframe, so the set come with a complete set of instructions to show what goes where. The photo etch fret is to enhance the extant airframe and will help make the overall presentation just that much more detailed. Not surprisingly, much of this is for the new sensor suite, but also includes a new sonobouy section.

Unlike most sets, this one includes decals. One is for the 100th Naval Aviation anniversary aircraft from HSL-47 (the SeaHawk training squadron), in a tricolor scheme reminiscent of mid WWII. The other is a standard grey plane from HSM-71. The instructions contain a full decal placement guide. I did notice that the carrier around the white markings was a bit yellow, but perhaps this will disappear when the decals are used.

One thing to be aware of is that the amount of stuff in this set is more than the packaging can handle. My sample arrived with the packet sprung open and parts rattling around in the shipping box. I seem to have lost one small intake scoop in the process as some of the larger bits were knocked away from the pour stubs. Olimp may want to look into more securely closing the pack with some tape, for example, which should take care of the issue.

Overall, it makes for an excellent upgrade set and one that I am sure helo fans will be looking for.

April 2012

My thanks to Vagabond Decals for the review sample. Visit them to get yours.

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