Modelshack 1/48 F11C-2/BF2 Goshawk Upgrade set




$21.00 SRP from Modelshack


Lindberg 1/48 F11C-2 kit


Scott Van Aken

Many of us have wanted to have upgrade sets for some of our old favorites that would really benefit from it. Well now, thanks to Modelshack, we have a superlative set in resin at a price that is most attractive.

This set gives us an actual cockpit, replacement engine and cowling, new tail wheel and clear windscreen for the F11C-2 version. Those wanting to do the BFC-2 have a new resin turtledeck and a new half canopy that is really all that is needed. Also in the mix is a new drop tank and some tear drop fairings for the fuselage side that are missing on the Lindberg mold. The set also includes styrene rod to use for the pushrods on the engine as well as for the fuel tank mounts.

The set comes with complete instructions on how to go about doing this upgrade. The parts themselves are very nicely cast and will require minimal clean-up and cleaning before being used. There is some minor airframe modification needed in terms of removing kit mounting posts and installing a flat engine bulkhead. Nothing that is beyond those with even limited resin experience.

The end result will be a superb looking replica that has added all those missing bits that just makes the old Lindberg kit shine. If you have this kit, this is a set you really should get.

March 2012

Review set courtesy of Modelshackwhere you can get yours direct. New URL and name:

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