Modelshack 1/72 Wright R-3350 engines




$5.00 each from Modelshack


Airfix or Academy 1/72 B-29 kit


Scott Van Aken

This latest resin goodie from Modelshack is a Wright R-3350. This is the engine that powered the B-29 Superfortress and some other types. This engine is designed for the Airfix or Academy 1/72 kit. The set includes the two cylinder banks and the ignition ring. In fact, you get two of these rings in case one is broken during clean-up. Though the engine does not have pushrods, Modelshack has molded dimples into the crankcase housing in case you wish to add these using fine wire or stretched sprue. You can see these in the right hand image of the completed engine.  The set comes with step by step instructions that include both CAD images and photographs to carry you each step of the way.

The engine is quite nicely done and reasonably priced. Visit the link below for more information .

March 2014

Review set courtesy of Modelshack where you can get yours direct. Note: New name is Flightline Engineering.

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