Mission Models.50 cal shells and ammo belt




$15.99 MSRP from


1/35 .50 cal machine guns


Scott Van Aken

This is really quite a detail set. It is a .50 cal ammo belt with munitions and includes a goodly number of spent shells to scatter around your diorama. You get an etched fret of the belts as well as a bag of 'fresh' shells and one of 'spent' ones. Forgive me for not scattering these about for you to see more clearly, but they'd easily get lost. One simply uses a .020 rod to assist in bending the clips and then slide in the shells. There is a photo on the web site that shows these in use and they are very convincing indeed.

January 2007

Thanks to Mission Models and the DLV company for the review set.

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