Mirage  set for 1/400 U boat






Mirage 1/400 type VIIC U-boat kits.


Scott Van Aken

To go along with their recent series of U boat releases, Mirage has produced this etched metal set. As you can see, it replaces a number of of the kit parts and also adds onto a number of sections. The detail on the set is very good. Probably the only problem anyone will have is that the instructions are in Polish with nary a hint of English on the sheet.

As with all etched brass sets, this one is pretty two dimensional, so you may wish to keep some of the plastic parts as they are and just use the set to enhance the already quite nice kit. While the placement of the bits is pretty well intuitive, I did find a couple of pieces that I couldn't figure out just exactly where they went. However, if you compare the parts on this fret with their plastic counterparts as shown on the kit instructions, then you can easily see where they go.

This set is specifically designed for the Mirage U-1064 kit and so should enhance it markedly.

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