Minor 1/35 WWII 3t German Truck Chain Set




Approximately 9 euros SRP at  www.minor-web.com


Scott Van Aken


Etched Metal

This is the first product I have seen from this Spanish company and I have to say that it is a pretty neat set. Minor does a variety of etched sets for vehicles and a few that are like this. These are tire chains for various German 3 ton trucks and from the look of the image on the card, they are to be put on the outside wheels of a set of dualies.

The brass is superbly done and quite convincing as chains. The set includes instructions on how to bend the set around the wheel. It all looks to be pretty straight-forward and adds an interesting aspect to any winter camouflage model or diorama.

July 2012

Review copy courtesy of www.minor-web.com. Order them direct from the link.

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