Master AM 72-125: B-17 gun barrels

KIT #: AM72125
DECALS: none
REVIEWER: Scott Van Aken
NOTES: Cast brass

This is one of those neat little sets that will enhance any US aircraft that used the .50 cal machine gun. This particuilar set is designed for the 1/72 B-17, but really, it has a lot more uses. I bought it to use on a B-25, for instance.

The packet includes 13 guns. This includes separate barrels and cooling jackets. One simply inserts the barrel through the jacket and into the hole you have drilled to accept it. This hole is .7mm so it is not large. The upper four items are those angled extensions you see on later B-17G nose and tail turrets. For my use, they will simply be unneeded extras.

The set comes with a set of instructions, though frankly, I doubt you'll need them. These could also be used for fighter wing guns such as on the P-47 or the nose machine guns for the P-38, so they are quite useful to have. 

I should mention that the fat end of the gun barrels shown are hollow. Very much worth picking up

September 2019

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