Lone Star Models: 1/72 F7F Fire Tank (800 Gallons)

KIT #: 0148
PRICE: $10.95 from www.greatmodels.com 
REVIEWER: Scott Van Aken
NOTES: Resin for Monogram kit

Browsing through the Great Models website, I notice that there was a resin retardant tank for the Monogram F7F. Always wanting to do a fire bomber, I figured I'd order it. What arrived is a single casting of resin with a pour stub on one end. The casting appears to be accurate in outline and Lone Star has molded on some rather large attachment lugs and the air scoops that help to purge the retardant from the tank. However, all is not roses. This may well be an early Lone Star casting, I don't know as I can only report on what I got. However, the transverse door engravings look like they were done free hand as they are not straight across. I also saw that the surface of the tank was covered with small pin holes. This means a considerable amount of time will be needed to fill in and sand smooth the pock marks on the surface and to fill and rescribe the door outline.

So here is a bit of a quandary. Want a Tigercat fire bomber in 1/72 and don't want to scratch-build the slurry tank then this is your only option. However, you'll have to work to get it acceptably smooth. Choice is yours.

I got this at GreatModels where you can get all sorts of kits and accessories.

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