LionRoar 1/35 Width Indicator for SdKfz 232

SET #:



$8.50 HSSRP


Scott Van Aken


Resin, photo etch and cast brass for Tamiya kit


Some of you may be wondering just what these things are. Well basically, these are set to the width of the vehicle to be sure that it and its load can make it through a tight spot in the road. On most kits, these are simply injected plastic and the dickens to clean up and get to looking right. With this set, that is not a problem. The indicators themselves are made of cast brass with photo etch mounting plates. A resin mirror and pe mounts is also included as it was pretty normal to have mirrors so mounted. All makes for a pretty simple set that will enhance the Tamiya kit for which it was designed.

May 2009

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