KMC 1/48 SB2C Helldiver Wingfold Set

As if the ProModeler 1/48 SB2C Helldiver really needs any additional goodies, KMC came out with this really neat wingfold set. As you can see, it is composed of one very nice brass fret, nine resin parts, a piece of copper wire and two small lengths of Evergreen plastic strip. Image is about 20% larger than normal.

As you might have noticed, the resin parts are indeed hinges.  How well they will stand up to a lot of stress and weight is anyone's guess, but it looks like they attach themselves to brass bits.

Scale Aviation Modeler International did a kit buildup using this set and mentioned that it was a bit fragile.  One nice thing about the set is that with the wings folded, the cockpit is well hidden under the huge wings. That means that you do not need to spend a lot of time or money on superdetailing the cockpit section.




If you note the first page of installation instructions on the right, it looks like KMC have done a super job of assuring that you do a proper job. Everything is clearly printed and easily understood.  I know that when I finally get around to building my Beast, it will be done with the wings nicely folded.


Sorry for the limited detail set review this month, but I have to buy all my review items and it is getting darned expensive.  Any donations to the cause are gratefully accepted :)

Scott Van Aken 1