KMC Detail Set # 4020 for the Monogram 1/48 F-8 Crusader.

$25.00 retail (if you can find one)

KMC has justifiably built quite a reputation for excellent resin conversion and detail sets.  One of the most sought is this one for the F-8 Crusader.

It is designed to cure a few of the ills of the Monogram kit, such as the incorrect interior and lack of stuff under the wing so it can be displayed in the raised position.

So what do you get for your bucks? Well, you get a cockpit, seat, instrument panel, control stick and glare shield in resin for the interior.

You also get the underwing detail as well as the actuating piston and a set of flaps and slats so that you can remove the kit ones.  

On the brass fret are some more interior bits (gunsight, canopy sills, etc.) as well as well as a full wing fold detail set and afterburner parts.

Definitely a lot of stuff and it is entirely possible to have all that stuff put on a kit at the same time.  I hear those saying that you never see the wing raised while on the ground.  BS, and here is a photo to prove it.

F-8K of VC-10

Time to get out the kit and start cutting!!

Scott Van Aken