SET Hauler 1/48 Tiger I (early) etched detail set
SET #: HLX48029
PRICE: $14.00 from Wings N Treads
REVIEWER: Scott Van Aken
NOTES: For the Skybow kit

This particular set is from a company I've not heard of before called Hauler. It was kindly provided by Wings n Treads along with the Skybow Tiger I As you can see in this image, there are a considerable number of superbly etched parts. The smaller fret are engine screens and their latches. On the larger fret are such thinks as hatch interiors, a plethora of straps and hold down bits, mine launcher brackets, spade brackets, ammo box holders, and other pieces to spruce up the exterior of the tank.

The instruction sheet is very well done. It indicates what parts of the kit have to be removed in order to be replaced by the more accurate photo etched pieces. In all it is quite comprehensive and is sure to make for a killer model when done.

December 2005

Thanks to Wings N Treads for the review set. Visit them to get yours.

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