Hawkeye Designs # 305


Hobbycraft 1/48 Bf-109F/G




Scott Van Aken



This set is a complete replacement of the complete cockpit for the Hobbycraft Bf-109F/G kits. All parts from the edge of the cockpit down are replaced by this set. Included are floor, sidewallys, instrument panel, gun breech, rudder pedals & supports, control stick, trim wheels, throttle, and gunsight.

As you know, Hawkeye Designs and Cooper Details are basically the same so you know the quality is there. All parts are molded in a nice, bubble free tan resin. It is nice to have some small parts in resin rather than the rather flat 2-D brass etched parts that are offered in other detail sets.

Having used other sets from Hawkeye Designs, I can tell you that this set is well engineered and beautiful as well.

Remember to wear a mask when sanding resin as the dust is carcinogenic when inhaled.