Hawkeye Designs 1/48 Fw-190A/D/F Cockpit Set

Resin set # 304.  $11.95

Got a  DML/Trimaster 190 that needs a new interior set?  Hawkeye Designs has what you need. As you can see from the photo, there are enough bits and pieces to do any Fw-190 variant from the A-1 to the D-13. Can also be used for the Ta-152 if, as the instructions state, "you aren't too fussy".

Parts used on all variants are cockpit tub, seat, control stick, rudder pedals,  trim wheel and various brass bits. for your specific version, there are different instrument panels, side consoles and gunsights.  The instructions include a chart to help you chose.  The instructions are very good giving references and diagrams for installing parts.  I would imagine that this set would also fit the Tamiya D-9 as well as the new ProModeler 190G.

If this set looks very much like the Cooper Details set, then that is because it is.  The instructions are verbally quite similar, with the Cooper Details set having a few more drawings. However, the experienced 190 addict will have no problems with this set.

Review by Scott Van Aken 1