Hawkeye Designs 1/48 Bf-109E Cockpit Set

Resin and wire kit # 301, $11.95

Browing through my local modeling emporium the other day, I espied this set for the 109E.  While the set is designed for the Hasegawa kits, the instructions state that it will work with the Hobbycraft 109B, C, D, and E kits.

Well, whaddya get for your near $12 dollars?  Basically a three piece cockpit with seat, rudder pedal mount (mine has a side broken off), control stick, instrument panel, gunsight, oxygen cannister, rudder pedals and trim wheels. Also included is a length of wire for the oxygen hose.  

The instructions are really very good indeed and leave no doubt as to where the bits and pieces should fit. How well does it fit in the kit?  Dunno, but you will find out in the near future as I will be trying to fit this set in a Hobbycraft 109 before too long.  Hawkeye has a good reputation and I expect no problems.

Review by Scott Van Aken 1