Griffon Model 6 round 3.7cm ammo clip containters






3.7cm Flak36/37


Scott Van Aken

A very nice detail set is this new one from Griffon Model. It is a pair of ammo boxes and clip containers for 37mm ammunition as used by German Flak guns. The set consists of three frets of superbly done photo etch as well as a section of wire and six Spgr.Patr 18 (HE) shells cast in brass. These shells are enough to fill one of the four clips you can make. Additional shells are available from Griffon Model if one so wishes.

The set comes with instructions on how to assemble all the bits and is really quite detailed. While it does not look overly complex, it does contain a number of very small parts so I'd recommend it for someone who has had a bit of photo etch assembly experience. A folding tool would be quite handy. One thing for sure, having these included with your next project that requires it will really add to the overall look of things.

July 2011

Thanks for the review set. Get yours at your local shop or ask them to order it for you

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