Griffon Model 1/35 Engine Compartment Hood for US M2/M3 Halftracks




$26.50 SRP


Dragon kit 


Scott Van Aken

While the title implies that this is only the hood for your favorite Dragon US halftrack, the truth is that there are side panels, grille with shutters as well as bits and pieces that fit on both sides of the firewall. Yep, a full set of foot pedals as well as brake reservoirs and other 'thingies' that are attached to engine fire walls are included. Of course, the sheet brass hood and side panels are the star of the show and Griffon Model provides all sorts of goodies for that. Naturally, the various hinges are designed to be operable and there are sections of plastic rod and brass wire to help make things properly mobile. The three sheets of etched material is the best there is and the comprehensive four page instruction sheet will ensure that you get all the bits in the right place to make a stunning open hood display for your next US Halftrack model.

April 2009

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