Griffon Model 1/35 German Ammo Boxes for Pak 43/41 and derivitives






Many possible kits


Scott Van Aken

Another neat set of ammo boxes to add just that much more realism to your next diorama. This one includes three etched sheets, a length of wire for hinges and a decal sheet for the outside of the completed box. There are two styles of box provided. One is an enclosed case for one shell and the other is a more open design for two. The shell itself is not included in the set, but many kits provide these as extra bits. There are two of the double cases and four of the singles. From the look of things, this is for 88mm ammunition. 

Like all Griffon Model sets, this one is superbly done and provides complete instructions. It would be a great starter set for those wanting to get into using the more complex sets, but needing something on which to hone their skills.

March 2009

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