Griffon Model Panzer IV turret skirt armor


Griffon Model Panzer IV turret skirt armor




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Scott Van Aken

Seems like armor fans can't get enough to upgrade their models or make their just a little bit nicer. This particular photo etch set from Griffon Model provides a full set of turret skirt armor that was frequently seen on Panzer IV tanks. This armor was more designed to detonate incoming shells more than an additional thickness of armor. This set is on a single fret and includes a section of copper wire. This wire is part of what helps to hold the brass plates together as much as anything else. Like in the real plating, there were doors to enable the crew to get out the side turret escape hatches and to pass in fresh ammunition. As sets go, this one is not all that complex, though it is quite detailed. This would be a good one for a first time go at a more complicated set from some others.

The set is superbly etched and will add a lot to your particular build.

July 2008

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