Griffon Model 1/35  M3 75mm GMC Detail Set




$40.00 SRP


 Dragon kit 


Scott Van Aken

  This next detail set from Griffon Model is for the Dragon M3 75mm GMC. It is a full detail set that is quite extensive and includes no fewer than 8 photo etch frets, a decal for the dashboard, as well as the usual styrene rod and copper wire that Griffon includes in major sets such as this.  There are seven pages of instructions for this one, showing exactly where all the bits and pieces go as well as any modifications needed to the Dragon kit.  Some of the features of this set are: 

"- Provide 2 Types of Instrument Panel (Late & Early) with Decal
- Provide 2 Types of Cab Floor & Gear Levers Arrangement (Late & Early)
- Optional Left Side Rotatable Rear View Mirror
- Optional SCR-510 Radio Set
- Add Hooked T Latches for Engine Compartment Hood
- Add Details on the Inside of the Gun Shield
- Add Details on the Gun Mount M3
- Resin Trigger Handle
- Gun Mount M5 Convertible (for M3A1 75mm GMC)
- Add Telescope Mount M36 for Telescope M33
- Adds Some Notable Details on the Rear Suspension

A. Large Oval Cut-Out on the Both Side of the Bogie And Frame Assembly
B. Small Drain Hole on the Both Side of the Bogie And Frame Assembly
C. Securing Bolts on the Return Roller Arms
D. Exhaust Pipe Support

These Added Details Can Feature:
1.The Standard Type of Rear Suspension with Spring Loaded Idler
2.The Hybrid Type of Rear Suspension with Spring Loaded Idler "

As you can see, a most complete set and one that is bound to take your model to the next level of detail.

June 2009

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