Griffon Model Panzer IV ausf F exterior detail set






Dragon  kit 6315


Scott Van Aken

This particular set from Griffon Model consists of multiple frets and provides a complete array of exterior details for the Dragon Panzer IV ausf F kit #6315. Now these are not the major bits like fenders and skirts, but all the detail pieces such as the barrel aerial deflector, smoke candle rack, engine bay air outlet grille interior, spare road wheel holders, spare track link holders, storage bin top cover, hatch interior locking system and a hollow pipe for the brass cleaning rods.

The set is superbly etched and comes with complete instructions on how to put together what are really detailed pieces and also include wire and rod for all the functioning bits. One thing for sure, they will add a lot to your particular build.

November 2008

Thanks for the review set. Get yours at your local shop or ask them to order it for you

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