Griffon Model 1/35 Panzer IV ausf F2/G detail set


Griffon Model 1/35 Panzer IV ausf F2/G detail set




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Dragon kits #6360 and 6363


Scott Van Aken

This is one of those detail sets that is quite complete and complex, so leaves those of us who model aircraft agape with the amount of detail it provides. In a nutshell:

- Multiple Choice for Barrelís Aerial Deflector
- Detail Smoke Candle Rack
- Metal Barrel(Metal Muzzle Brake Not Include)
- Battle Field Modified AA Mount
- Battle Field Modified Jerrycans Rack& Tool Box
- Detail Turret Real Storage Binís Top Cover
- Detail Hatch Lock System
- Brass Hollow Pipe for Barrel Cleaning Rod
- And the ever popular 'more'

The set also includes several diameters of brass tubing, some brass wire and a section of plastic rod. Instructions are superbly done and and provide information on exactly where all the various bits and pieces are located. Unlike many detail sets, this one also comes with decals. There are markings for two F2 variants serving in North Africa and four G models on the Eastern Front around 1943. No color info is provided, only markings placement. The set does not include the fenders shown on the photos nor does it have the side skirts, but those are available from Griffon Model if you want them.

Those who have used Griffon Model sets know how nice they are and this one is no different. The set is superbly etched and will add a lot to your particular build.

July 2008

Thanks for the review set. Get yours at your local shop or ask them to order it for you. You can also get it from the link.

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