Griffon Model Accessories 1/48 Barracuda V Detail Set






Special Hobby Barracuda V


Scott Van Aken

Griffon Model Accessories seems to like doing sets for what many of us consider the ugliest Naval aircraft to have ever seen service, the Fairey Barracuda. While the aircraft looks quite ungainly, it seems to have found a lot of favor with the crews as they all appear to have found it to be quite a capable aircraft.

This particular set covers most of the aircraft aside from the cockpit itself. There are two bags of finely done resin parts and a photo-etched fret. The areas covered in the set are the rear observers cockpit and the wheel wells along with a new set of exhaust and some bomb racks. A bit of cutting is required prior to installation and the instructions show just where that has to be done. I should also report that there was quite a bit of damage to the fine parts in the set. Only one of the four bomb racks survived completely intact and many of the tiny resin bits were broken away from the sprues. Repairing the bomb racks would best be done with pieces of fine wire as I just can't see finding and fitting all the little yoke pieces as really working. I might suggest to Griffon that they reinforce these bits by taping them to a piece of cardboard or wrapping them in bubble wrap.

Aside from that, it is really a superb set and one that really will enhance that Special Hobby Barracuda.

January 2007

Thanks to Griffon Model Accessories for the review set. Please visit them to see about more fine detail and upgrade materials.

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