Griffon Model Accessories 1/48 Wellington Flaps






Trumpeter Wellington


Scott Van Aken

The latest is this superb set of flaps for the Trumpeter Wellington. While others might just provide some resin bits, Griffon Model Accessories had provided a superbly accurate set that includes both resin and photo-etched material. This is quite an extensive kit in its own right.

Just about all of the small parts are for the flap well itself. There is all the framework needed and all of the little attachment points are provided in resin. A section of soft wire is included to build the long hinge line needed. Personally, I'd replace this wire with some piano wire or something already nice and straight. Even plastic rod. Getting soft wire to completely straighten out is something I've never been successful with.

The instructions that come with it are quite well done and provide a good guide. I did notice that in step 2, parts Rp4 are listed as Rp6, but it will become quite clear to you once you get underway with this.

In all, a really outstanding set that will only enhance your big Wellington.

January 2007

Thanks to Griffon Model Accessories for the review set. Please visit them to see about more fine detail and upgrade materials.

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