Griffon Model Accessories 1/48 Cowling Fixtures and Interior ribs






All aircraft; Also available in 1/72


Scott Van Aken


Now here is a really great idea. This etched set is generic cowling fixtures and interior ribs. Simply remove what you need, attach it where you want it and you have a nicely detailed engine cowling or interior space. No need to cut sprue and you have a level of detail that can only come from etched brass. There are several different 'types' of ribbing so that you can accurately match the design of the aircraft that you are modeling.

I don't normally put up such a large image of a product, but I'm so impressed by this that I thought you'd like to see it close-up for yourself. In addition to this set, there is one in 1/72 and I'm sure that if it sells well, one in 1/32 will become available.

March 2005

Thanks to Griffon Model Accessories for the review set. Please visit them to see about more fine detail and upgrade materials.

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