Griffon Model Accessories He-162A cockpit set






Dragon/DML 1/48 He-162A


Scott Van Aken

This great cockpit set is one of the more recent from Griffon Model Accessories. It is a near total replacement of the Dragon/DML 1/48 He-162 cockpit. It includes new side walls, rear bulkhead, rear canopy attachment area as well as a totally new seat, instrument panel, padding and a number of other goodies. It will require careful construction, but when coupled with the excellent instructions provided by Griffon, it'll result in a cockpit that is second to none and a real enhancement of this fine little kit.

For those of you who have asked, so far there is no US distributor that I know of, though you can order direct.

March 2005

Thanks to Griffon Model Accessories for the review set. Please visit them to see about more fine detail and upgrade materials.

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