Fine Molds/Nano Dread WZ3: 1/350 Range Finder and Binocular Telescope Set


$23.00 MSRP


Scott Van Aken


Injected Plastic

1/350 Japanese ship builders will appreciate this new set from Fine Molds. This set includes a variety of range finders, radio DF antenna, gyrocompass and reapeater as well as pedestal mounted binoculars. There are four full sprues (two of each shown to the left) that provide a goodly selection of these items. Each part has a pin so you can drill a hole in the deck to accept them. The detail on the parts is very nicely done.

The set includes full instructions and several suggestions on placement on various IJN ship classes. In all, a set that I think many will find quite useful. 

August 2010

Review copy courtesy of . Ask for them at your favorite hobby shop.

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