Fine Molds/Nano Dread WA12: Anchor and Chrysanthemum Crest Set


$24.00 MSRP


Scott Van Aken


Injected Plastic

1/700 Japanese ship builders will appreciate this new set from Fine Molds. This set includes a variety of anchors as well as the traditional chrysanthemum that is placed on the bow of all IJN ships. The Chrysanthemum crest (菊花紋章, kikukamonshō or kikkamonshō) is a general term for a mon of chrysanthemum blossom design; there are more than 150 different patterns. The Imperial Seal of Japan is a particularly notable one; it is used by members of the Japanese Imperial family. It also denotes that something is owned by the Emperor and as such not only ships but other arms were decorated with this design.

For the anchors, the back of the box provides a general guide as to which anchors are used on which ships and where they are to be placed.

This range of very detailed plastic parts is a real boon to small scale ship builders who tire from the inaccuracies of flat photo etch parts to replicate these davits.

October 2010

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