Freightdog 1/72 Hunter T.7 Improvement Set






Xtrakit 1/72 Hunter T.7


Scott Van Aken

Those of you who bought the Xtrakit 1/72 Hunter two seater were probably a bit disappointed with it. I know that I was. The kit is a generally poor fit and there are parts of the kit that are simply not correct.

This set not only takes care of the more easily corrected items, but also provides a bit of a guide to building the kit. This set includes replacement wheels, including a new nose gear strut as the kit wheel is way undersize. There are also some nicely molded seats to replace the rather bland kit items as well as two new wing pylons of the correct size and shape. Finally, a replacement tail cone as the one with the kit is simply not the right shape.

Full instructions are provided to help you fit the bits as well as to help you build the kit. In all, well worth the additional money that should help make your T.7 Hunter into a proper model.

Purchased by me for your enlightenment.

September 2016

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