Eduard  CX 309: Ju-88A 1/72 Canopy Mask


$10.00 or so plus shipping


Revell 1/72 Ju-88A-4


Scott Van Aken


I have discovered over the years, that there is a value in pre-cut canopy and wheel masks when it comes to certain types of kits. This is particularly true when working in 1/72 scale where a pane can be quite small.

A perfect example of this are the greenhouse types of canopies worn by a number of WWII and earlier aircraft. The Ju-88 is a prime example of this with a goodly number of small frames that make the usual method quite challenging.

I have found that these masks are not all that much faster than the usual method, as one still has to properly position them. However, they do remove the issue of sneezing while cutting the tape, and are quite useful on those canopies with indistinct frame lines, and those bomber nose transparencies.

This particular one is for the Revell 1/72 Ju-88A-4. You are not only provided masks for the canopy, but also for the main wheels. A full set of instructions accompanies the set and I know these will be a huge help when I get around to building the kit.

December 2019

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