Eduard  FE511: SH-3 Interior set


$10.00 or so plus shipping


Hasegawa 1/48 Sea King


Scott Van Aken

For several years, Eduard has been producing etched sets that are not only pre-painted, but also 'self adhesive. Now I've not heard one way or the other about how long these items will maintain their stick once put on the model, but I'm betting many who use these attach most of the bits with some sort of cement just to be sure.

One of the biggest complaints about these sets is that when parts of them are painted the interior color, it simply does not match what modelers use for the rest of the interior. With this set, that is not an issue as it is basically instrument panels and seat belts. Typically, the main instrument panel is a standard panel with holes in it for instruments and this fits atop another panel with the instrument faces. I'm sure that the dedicated will put tiny dabs of gloss clear on the instrument faces.

The other bits are the side consoles, the center console and the overhead console. A single piece is used for the four handles that jut from the overhead console. Finally, we have harnesses for the front seats and a set of plain belts for the small seat behind them. Pretty standard stuff and one that pretty much anyone should be able to use.

You do have to sand off all the detailing on the panels prior to using these sets. I'd also make darn sure they are completely clean and free from oils if you want to rely on the panel's built in stick. The set comes with a set of instructions so you can tell where everything goes.

December 2017

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