Eduard  FE434: IL-10/B-33




Special Hobby 1/48 kit


Scott Van Aken

I recently purchased a Special Hobby 1/48 B-33 and was looking for a fairly easy way to improve the look of the interior. Eduard has been doing Zoom sets for quite some time. All that I have seen are in color and some are 'self adhesive'. I'm not sure how strong the adhesive is on these, but it is a nice idea.

As is usual, this set is pretty much for the interior. It includes new instrument faces as well as crew belts and harnesses. It also provides replacement rudder pedals and some smaller interior bits. Enough to make an improvement, but not so much as it goes overboard. I know that some folks buy fairly inclusive sets and then get bogged down installing all those tiny parts that often come with the sets. I'm part of the crowd that is not fully enamoured with photo etch, but do use them on occasion for things like belts and I find that these Zoom sets provide just the right amount of bits so that I don't give up on the project.

If there is a 'problem' with Eduard's sets (and that includes masks) it is that if you don't get them when they come out, they become very difficult if not impossible to find. This one is 11 years old as of this writing and took a considerable amount of searching to find one where the seller didn't want $15.00 or so to ship it.

September 2020

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