Eduard  FE396: Mirage IIIC Weekend




Eduard 1/48 kit


Scott Van Aken

I recently purchased an Eduard 1/48 Mirage IIIC Weekend edition kit in an on-line sales site for a very good price. The description stated that it was started but complete and had extras. This was one of them.

The set is strictly for the cockpit and canopy. You have the usual prepainted bits for the instrument panel, side consoles, ancillary panels and the seat harness. The set has bang seat pull handles for two different types of seat as well as some info panels on the back of the cockpit and sidewalls. There are also a few pieces for the windscreen and canopy.

Frankly, it sort of defeats the purpose of buying the weekend editions if one is going to load up the kit with aftermarket, but it is something I will use.

May 2018

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