Eduard  48 156: S-3B Viking




AMT 1/48 kit


Scott Van Aken

This is another set I've had for many years, but have never reviewed. This is for the AMT 1/48 S-3B Viking. I believe this has also been released by Revell and Italeri so those are other sources for the kit. AMT's kit was really the ESCI kit so this one has been around a long time. As such, it is actually an S-3A. This set includes the B parts like the new antennas and the chaff/flare dispensers that were part of the B upgrade. This set does not include the additional vent on the left side of the fuselage that is also a visual clue for the B nor the slightly longer SRS antennas.

As with a lot of the more comprehensive Eduard sets like this one, you do have to do some cutting and carving to use it. What is provided is a seat harness, overhead instrument faces and a new etched main instrument panel with an acetate instrument section (not shown). Side and central console faces are also included along with rudder pedals. For the front there are windscreen wipers and I've also mentioned the new wingtip antennas. On the underside are new pieces to put over the kit's bomb bay doors if you shoul so wish to open up that area. A bomb bay is also provided along with various racks. This is the most comprehensive part of the set. Main gear door hinges are also part of the package.

A very well drawn set of instructions are provided to ensure that you know where everything goes. This is definitely not for beginners, but those who are comfortable with photo etch should have no real issues using this set.

February 2021

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