Eduard SS 389: F-16D Interior set


$14.95 MSRP


Kinetic 1/72 F-16D


Scott Van Aken

Eduard makes a number of photo etch products for various kits and one of the most recent trends is for self-stick sets. This seems to do little more than increase the price of a set and I've heard conflicting opinions on how well this sort of things works. I for one would be hesitant to use something where the sticky goes away after a period of time, leaving a cockpit with bits floating around in it.

This particular set is for the Kinetic F-16D and was purchased after I read a nice article on this kit by Fernando Rolandelli about a month or so back. As I have one of these kits near the top of the pile I thought I'd pick one up.

One thing I quickly noticed was that there is a wax paper sheet behind the etched fret. I also noticed that not all pieces are sticky, with this limited to the instrument and console panels. I also noticed that some of these parts were not sticky at all, the glue either having dried out or so minimally applied as to be not there at all.

The set is basically for the cockpit and has a neat feature in that the various levers on the side consoles are molded into the console sections and one simply bends them into place. This is quite nice as my ability to put teensy little levers on 1/72 consoles is laughable. As usual, the instrument panels are several sections to add some depth. One does have to do some trimming and the instructions show this. The set also includes a small acetate sheet with the gun sight glass on it.

Overall, it is a nice looking set that will certainly spiff up your next kit for this plane. I'm dubious about the self stick aspect of things and will use a more positive method of attaching these pieces.  I am not sure if this is available as a non 'self stick' version, but if it is, that may well be the way to go.

July 2016


Purchased by me for your enlightenment.

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