Eduard Zoom Set for the Ju-88A-4


SS 275


$6.95 MSRP


Hasegawa 1/72 Ju-88A-4


Scott Van Aken

Should you be as I, you have found that for the most part, photo-etch is nice, but not something about which you are very comfortable using. There are several reasons for this, but for me, the difficulty of attaching a zillion tiny bits as well as the time it takes for some of these sets to be used is enough to put me off wanting to give them a go. I have several  semi-completed models that are semi-completed just because I started using a complex photo-etch set on them.

However, I have discovered the Zoom sets that Eduard has started providing. These sets are generally only for the cockpit and that aspect of them makes them much more user friendly. I've used several of them and they give all the benefits of a photo etch set without being so time consuming as to make them doom a project from the start.

This set is for the Hasegawa 1/72 Ju-88, though I really see no reason why you couldn't use it on an Italeri, AMT or AMtech kit if you should so desire. It contains bits and pieces for the cockpit and basically limits itself to belts and instrument faces along with the usual mass of little levers and a set of rudder pedals. This is just fine as Hasegawa has never been one to provide a whole lot of detail in the cockpits of its 1/72 aircraft. As you can see, it is now more the norm to have a printed instrument backing rather than give one an acetate sheet for this purpose.

Placement is clearly shown on the instructions as well as any sanding down of extant detail that might be required. I've found these small color sets to be quite useful and I think that you will as well.

Purchased by me for your enlightenment.

July 2007

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